From the Director

Here at the Children's Day School, the staff and I are committed to creating an environment where young children can thrive at an age-appropriate pace. At each age level, we provide a developmental program that fosters their social and cognitive skills. We nurture their interests so that the children see themselves as confident learners, capable of exploring their environment productively. We work hard to offer a curriculum that is open-ended and interesting.

The children are encouraged to take risks, try out ideas, and even make mistakes, for it is through that kind of learning and hands-on exploration that the confidence of a real learner is built. The Children's Day School is also committed to the social development of each child. The classroom affords opportunities for the children to hone their social skills, learn to negotiate, and play in a cooperative manner. These are life-long tools and are highly valued in our classrooms. We look at the whole child and make sure we are addressing their needs at whatever the level.

We are also committed to the child's success as they leave us and go on to kindergarten. We are in close touch with the public school programs, and make sure our children have the tools they will need to be successful. The Children's Day School continues to have a strong presence in the community, and we welcome all to come and see our classrooms in action.

Pam Ely
Director, CDSW