Drop-off Procedure

The school doors will open at 8:55 am

The Day School has a drop-off procedure in place for your convenience. The safety of all is our first concern. Our upper parking lot and loop are one-way so when you park for drop off, please pull all the way over to the right next to the curb to allow the loop traffic to continue to flow. Please be mindful of your speed as you approach the school.  If possible, please have car seats with uncomplicated buckles and straps on the passenger side of the car. CDSW staff will take children out of their car seats and escort them into their classrooms. As a reminder, cell phones, BlackBerries, and iPhones must be off when entering/exiting the school. When you are parking and walking into the school, for safety's sake, please HOLD YOUR CHILD'S (CHILDREN'S) HAND and be aware of cars coming in and out of the school.  To follow through with our safety procedures the lower back door will be locked at all times.  The front door will be locked daily at 9:30 am, please use the buzzer to enter the building.

Snow Day Policy

In the event of a Wilton Public School CLOSING, CDSW will also be CLOSED.  In the event of a Wilton Public School 2 HOUR DELAY, CDSW will have a 1 HOUR DELAY (10:00 am opening).  In the event of a Wilton Public School EARLY DISMISSAL, CDSW will close at 12:00 noon.  The Connecticut Weather website (www.ctweather.com) has up-to-date information regarding the status of the Wilton Public Schools. You can sign up on that site for e-mail or text message notifications as well.  Notifications will also be posted on our website.

Nut-free School

Due to the prevalence of peanut and nut allergies, we strive to be a nut-free school.  We ask that parents not send their children to school with any food that contains peanut tree nuts (i.e., walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.)

Allergy Policy

If a child has been diagnosed by a doctor to have an allergy the following protocol must be followed:

The child’s medical form should state that they have a severe allergy or medical condition that requires an epi-pen or other medication at school.  Exactly what they are allergic to should be clearly stated.

  • The form, “Emergency Health Care Plan”, needs to be filled out completely.  This form needs to be filled out for each medication (including Benadryl) kept at school and requires information/signatures from both the child’s parent/guardian and the physician who is prescribing the medication.
  • The doctor who signs the Authorization form has to be the same one who prescribes the medication whether it be the pediatrician or allergist.  
  • The parent must ensure that the child has the correct epi-pen for their age and weight. 
    CDSW requires two epi-pens at the school to be in compliance with the state regulations.  


The staff are all trained in CPR, First Aid and Epi-pen administration.  As a policy, if a child has an allergy that requires an Epi-pen, the child will have the Epi-pen and all required paperwork in a sealed box in their classroom.  The staff will follow the protocol designated by the physician.  No other medication will be administered by any staff.  

Snack Policy

Snack will be provided by CDSW.  The snack will be nutritious and chosen each day from two food groups.  Water will be served.  With adult supervision, the children will help set the tables with paper goods and cups and serve snack.  CDSW supports the ethic of gratitude.  The children are encouraged to cite things they are thankful for.


We love to celebrate birthdays and half birthdays (children born in the summer) at the Day School.  Parents are asked to bring in a special snack for the children in the class.  We ask that the snack be nut free and not made on a cross contaminated belt.  Many of the children enjoy donating a copy of their favorite book.  We put the book in the school library with a special plaque inside the front cover with the child’s name.  Please do not send personal invitations to private parties through the schools go home box.

Sick Policy

Many times children really want to come to school when they are not feeling well. We ask that you as the parent make that decision, keeping in mind the wellbeing of your child, as well as the other children and staff members. There also may be circumstances when your child does not present specific symptoms and/or a fever but may not be feeling well and may not be able to participate in class. We ask you to use your best judgment. In the event your child becomes ill while at school, we will contact you. Please remember your child must be fever free without the assistance of medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.  Parents will be notified when there is a case of a communicable disease. The name of the child will remain confidential to the parent population.

Security Policy

The Day School values the security of every child in the building.  We have put into place several measures that will ensure the safety of the children. As new measures are deemed necessary by the town of Wilton and the State of Connecticut, the Day School will certainly adhere to those procedures as well. Please contact CDSW directly to learn more specifics of the security policy.