Programs Overview

CDSW's educational philosophy is anchored in developmentally appropriate learning practices. Emphasis is placed on age appropriate learning through open-ended, child-initiated activities and teacher directed activities. Theme based curriculum is designed to meet each child at his/her developmental level and foster growth across four primary areas: social emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical. At each age level CDSW offers vast opportunities for mastering broad and specific learning goals. Additionally, each classroom incorporates materials that support learning in the following content areas: early literacy, math, science, creative arts and motor skills. Multicultural materials and activities are integrated into each classroom.

Photo by: Karen Morneau


Meeting two mornings a week, the twos programs offer a gentle entry into the preschool world. Classes are designed to facilitate social development in young learners by providing opportunities for group and individual activities encompassing art, music, stories and play. Guided by the teachers the children develop language and self-management skills. 

  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:4.
  • All children must turn two by 12/31

Photo by: Karen Morneau


The Threes classes focus heavily on the social emotional development of the child. The school day consists of child-directed play, circle time, snack time, time spent outdoors, and lunch. This program is designed to foster independence and age appropriate social skills. In addition, creative and cognitive activities are designed to stimulate curiosity, exploration and learning in the classroom setting.

  • Teacher to student ratio is: 1:7.
  • All children must turn three by 12/31. 

Photo by: Karen Morneau


A four-day per week program is offered for our four-year old children. The Fours programs build on the children's experiences in the Threes. Theme-based curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore, discover and learn. The Fours curriculum furthers kindergarten readiness by sharpening the focus on cognitive learning, particularly in the areas of pre-math and early literacy. The fours classes take several field trips and has lunch at school each day.

  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:8. 
  • All children must turn four by 12/31.

Photo by: Karen Morneau


The Fives program is a developmental program for children who would benefit from more time before they enter kindergarten. This class meets five days per week, with a longer school day that includes lunch every day. The children in this program explore themes such as Native Americans, the night sky, the human body and the earth. Children in the Fives follow a daily schedule that gives them both group and individual learning opportunities. Children are encouraged to function independently and are held to a higher expectation for listening and following instructions than they were in the Fours. We refer to this program as a "gift of a year". 

  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:8. 
  • All children must turn five by 12/31.